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"Go, and you'll get there"
 At the public hearing held on 04/04/2014. its contribution to the creation of a new program for youth in the area of ​​the city Osijek gave more than 50 young people between 15 and 30 years old. The campaign, "Go, and you'll get there" began with this public hearing and Youth Council of City Osijek and PRONI Center invites all youth to participate in future activities.
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Public call - preparation of project proposals
 Within the project “NEW STEP – New step in enhancing employment partnership”, co-financed by EU through Program “Local employment development initiatives” within European Social Fund, Local Partnership for Employment of Vukovar-srijem County, whose member is PRONI Centre too, is publishing Call for proposal, aiming to create database of Human resource development project ideas.
All organizations, institutions and business representatives from Vukovar-srijem County are welcomed to apply.
"28th star" in Osijek!
 Technological and natural gymnasium Ruder Boskovic Osijek was the last in a series of high schools that have hosted the presentation of the conclusions of youth mass discussions about EU issues. The presentation was held by Mislav Matic and Sara Ivacic, students of the same school. This was the last activity of the project "28th Star", financed by the EU through IPA INFO 2011, ending on March 31st 2014.
New gathering of the partners
 Within the project "Violence? No, thanks!", the third partner's meeting of CSO and institution representatives was organized on March 18 in Vukovar.
This time, the representatives of Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, that were in “On the spot check” visit, were present too.
However, the main topic, besides evaluation of previous quarter, was focused on activities planning in the following months, especially those focused on implementation of activities in the following quarter.
"28th star" in Sisak!
 Peer to peer presentation as a part of the "28th Star", hosted as well the Economic School in Sisak. Manuela Puskadija and Nikol Pusic, students of Secondary School Valpovo, again succeeded to inform and encourage young people to reflect on specific EU topics affecting young people.
Art as tool for violence prevention among youth
 Violence prevention among youth, through art, is one of the main goals of Art workshops which within the project „Violence? No, thanks!” started on March 15 in Sisak. The workshops are organized in partner organization – Coordination of Youth Associations Sisak, on which 10 young people from Sisak-moslavina County participate. Within the whole cycle, led by art leader Sven Soric, young people will gain art techniques, as well as create thematic products that will be presented to wider public within the public campaign "Violence? No, thanks!, as well as to the participants of the final conference in Osijek, which will be organized in September 2014.
Draft Programme for youth in the area of city Osijek
 With today's press conference, 12.04.2014. began the campaign "Go and you'll get there", which aims to invite all interested youth to participate in the creation of the Draft Programme for youth in the area of ​​the City of Osijek in the period 2014th to 2018th. The process was kicked off by the Youth Council of the City of Osijek and is carried out in collaboration with PRONI Centre through Regional information center for youth Osijek. Public discussions will be held on 04.04.2014., Trg Lava Mirskog 1, beginning at 10 am.
"28th star" in Vinkovci!

Students from Health and veterinary school Dr.Andrija Stampar Vinkovci were an excellent example of active participation, interest in all topics and open exchange of views. For Nevena Popovic and Dragana  Dokic from high school Dalj, this was the fifth, and also their last peer presentation as a part of the project "28th Star".



"28th star" in Beli Manastir!
In peer to peer presentation of mass discussion's conclusions about EU issues participated two classes of Gymnasium Beli Manastir. The presentation was held by high school students from Valpovo, Manuela Puskadija and Nicole Pusic.
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