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"Life of Roma"
 As a part of its activities PRONI / RYIC Osijek, designed and organized a discussion on the topic of "Life of Roma". Our goal is to inform and sensitize the public about the problems that Roma face in everyday life, with an emphasis on their educational journey, from preschool to the IT education of the labor market. Within the discussion their work will present the Association of Roma Friendship Association LUNA and Baranja Roma.
The discussion will be held on Monday, 22 December 2014 at 12 o'clock in the Info-center for young, Ribarska1.
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The play - "Young, young and young"
 Organized by PRONI Centre / RYIC Osijek, in cooperation with the Brodsko-posavska County, was held the play by the method of Augusto Boal, titled "Young, young and young". The show was held on Tuesday, 16 December 2014 at the City Library Slavonski Brod, starting at 17:30 hours.
Drama group was led by director Mario Kovac, and the actors are young people with disabilities, members of the NGO ZAMISLI from Zagreb.

"Seventh side of the cube"
 Within the Month Against Drug Abuse and activities of Coordination "ALLOYING, NO drugging", ended the implementation of workshops on gambling addiction, titled "Seventh side of the cube". Final discussion on this topic will be held on Thursday, 12.18.2014. in the premises  of Info-center for youth Osijek, Ribrska 1, beginning at 18 hours.
Nothing without volunteers!
In the premises of Info-center for Youth Osijek, on December 15th, 2014, volunteers have met to celebrate the completion of activities within Months of fighting against addiction and the end of 2014. Assessed and how everything went, which was great, what was good, and what could be better.In the happy atmosphere, with music and a raffle, they promised to be with us and next year:-). And what to say? THANK YOU !!!
Tailor of your own fortune
 As a part of the activities of coordination "Legiranje, not drugging" and the Month Against Drug Abuse, 05/12/2014. in the premises of Regional info-center for youth Osijek was held the workshop "Tailor of your own fortune." The workshop was conceived and organized by volunteers of PRONI Center / Info-center for youth Osijek.
Psychologist Dunja Juricic from the NGO "Explore Me" through theory and practice made closer to the participants the theme of dependence on others and their opinion.
Opened Volunteer Centre Vukovar
 On the International Volunteer Day on the address of the PRONI Centre Vukovar, 204. vukovarske brigade 43, a Volunteer Centre Vukovar has been open. This is the place of matching the volunteers and organizers of volunteers, education and motivation for active participation of the citizens through voluntary actions in local community.

Centre is a part of the overall PRONI Centre’ programme, and as a new service for citizens aims at contributing to the systematic development of voluntarism and promotion of values and importance of volunteering in the city of Vukovar.

To be a volonteer
 Within the project «Lokovolontira» which aim is to set up the service for citizens in a form of Volunteer Centre, another education has been implemented. This time it was the education for volunteers, entitled «To be a volunteer», which aim is to introduce the volunteers with their rights and obligations while volunteering, law regulations in Republic of Croatia and other important elements in the «world» of voluntarism.
The education, which was implemented on 27.11. in the premises of associate organization – CES Vukovar, was implemented by trainer Jelena Kamenko from the Volunteer Centre Osijek, which is also associate organization on this project.
The workshop "NAM-NAM" was held
 As a part of the activities of the Coordination "Legiranje, not drug use," and the Month of fight against addiction 11/28/2014. was held a workshop on the topic of food dependency. Food: fulfilling basic needs for survival, preservation of health, comfort, fun, boredom, nervousness, concern ... For most of workshop participants, food is much more than a mere need for survival. Volunteers of PRONI Center / Info-center for youth Osijek, Lucija Cvitković and Mihaelal Korman, in cooperation with the Association of Libra verify the eating habits of participants (mostly high school students), who had the opportunity to learn what could be the cause of food addiction, how to recognize it and how to prevent it. Special attention is paid to using sugar and fast food.
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Info-caravan ended in Budrovci
 Elementary School in Budrovci was the last of five elementary schools that were visited by the employees of the Regional info center for youth Osijek and the Center for Information and career counseling Osijek. The aim of the visit was to inform students of final grades in rural areas of Osijek-baranya county of the importance of the carrier choice and to introduce Info-Centre Osijek and CISOK, as a places where they can find additional information and assistance, as with education and employment, as well as with orientation in the new environment.
Prevention of addiction and violence through workshops with youth
 PRONI Centre for Social Education in cooperation with the Vukovar-Srijem County Police Department, CES Vukovar, Europe House Vukovar and the City of Vukovar organized today, 28.11.2014., an educational and informative workshop for young people in the Vocational School of Vukovar.

On this activity participated students of secondary schools School of Economics Vukovar, Technical School of Nikola Tesla Vukovar, Vocational School and Gymnasium Vukovar, as well as guests-pupils from Osijek secondary schools who displayed forms of violence through their own performance.
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