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Time to move?

 PRONI Center, as a partner of EURODESK was involved in Info-campaign about mobility in Europe "Time to move?"

Traveling info-station was organized on 10.13.2014. in the lobby of Lavoslav Ruzicka university in Vukovar from 10:00h to 12:00h.

On Friday 10.17 in Osijek, from 11h do 15h volunteers have informed the youth through three info-stands about the possibilities which are offered to them regarding mobility in education, employment as well as volunteering in the countries of European Union.

Information stands were placed in front of the Student Center, on Sv. Trojstvo square in Tvrdja and on the main square of Osijek city.


Vacancy announcement for Head of Youth information centre Vukovar

 Due to intention for local employment, information for Vacancy announcement is only available in Croatian language.


Thank you for understanding.

We are looking for volunteers!
 "My idea, my organization, my score!"
Join, register, "uštekaj se", say, show, teach ... check it out!
Get involved in the design, organization and implementation of activities in Info-center for youth Osijek, beginning with the month of combating addiction (November 15. - December 15.).
Activities towards establishment of Volunteer Center Vukovar has started
 In order to increase the level of knowledge and competences of volunteers and organizers of volunteers in the city of Vukovar, in the City library on October 6 and 7, the first cycle of education activities “Management of volunteers and organizers of volunteers” has been implemented. The aim of this cycle, which was implemented by Jelena Kamenko from Volunteer Centre Osijek, was to develop competences, skills and attitudes among participants (representatives of institutions and CSOs from the city of Vukovar) in order to develop and/or enhance the volunteer programmes in their institutions/CSOs according to Law on Volunteering.

This was first activity directed to the establishment of Volunteer centre Vukovar, which PRONI Centre in cooperation with partners and associates from the city of Vukovar, is starting within the project “Lokovolontira”.
The final meeting of the project "Violence? No, thanks!"
 After 18 months of the successful implementation of the project "Violence? No, thanks!" in Osijek on September 26th, the final meeting with project partners took place. Besides regular overview of the project activities, with special emphasis on the recently organized youth conference, partners took part in the process of final project evaluation, which implements the external expert, mr.sc. Silvija Rucevic.
Youth conference "Violence? No, thanks!"
 Within the project „Violence? No, thanks!”, in Osijek on September 12, has been organized a youth conference. This was the last activity in the project, which aimed at creation of joint (cross-sector) conclusions in a form of recommendations for work in the field of youth violence prevention.

Besides main aim, a violence prevention thematic outputs were presented to the 120 conference participants, representatives of institutions and civil society organizations which deal with violence prevention, as well as youth from Osijek-Baranja, Vukovar-Srijem and Sisak-Moslavina County.

On that way, violence prevention and importance of positive values promotion among youth through their active participation was promoted, as well as raised awareness among public about abuse and the violence among youth, which is main project objective too.
How was on the conference, see in section read more, while promotion video about whole project you can see here.
Youth public events in Slavonia
The last two youth public events within the project “Violence? No, thanks!” were implemented on 4th and 6th September in Osijek and Vukovar. On these events, the participants of drama, dancing and DJ-ing workshops presented their work and outputs of the workshops implemented within the project, to the young people from Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem County. Drama performance was shown in Osijek, while in Vukovar breakdance choreography followed by DJ sets. On these events, which aimed at raising awareness about importance of violence prevention among youth, more than 200 young people participated.
Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU u Kopačevu
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Exchange and reflection of youth in Pirovac
From August 17 in Training centre Pirovac, 25 youngsters from 5 European countries are participating in 7 days youth exchange organized within the project „The Big Reflection“, with the aim to think together and come to conclusions about youth work.
The group will define the key-offers that youth work has to provide to have a real impact on the lives of young people and produce working material that can be used to spread the message to youth workers and decision makers across Europe.
Partners on the meeting in Sisak
 Within the project "Violence? No, thanks!", the fifth partner's meeting of CSO and institution representatives was organized on June 24 in Sisak.
This time, the goal and the main topics were focused on planning of the activities that will be implemented within following months, especially youth public events and the final youth conference which aims at creation of guidelines and recommendations of joint public and civil sector and youth activism in violence prevention among youth. 
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